tapestry of souls

A shimmering front,

a blur by day yet fiery by night,

a  myriad of converging spirits,

lovers of darkness and lore,

feeders of hope and light,

souls weaved together in darkness,

robbers of life and gentility,

whispers in the dark…

awakening the vitriol of society,

claiming lives with a vengeance,

a collection of all things evil.

awaken, you sleeping souls,

fight for your just places,

triumph in the darkest hours,

let your victory shine through,

undo the tapestry that shrouds your desires,

free the souls,

let freedom reign.



Life has its ups and downs, what we forget is that a river meanders and out of it comes forth ox-bow lakes
We look back in our past to define our present, what we’ve overlooked is that a river doesn’t flow upstream from whence it came
Day by day we strive to please others around us forgetting we’re answerable to one living king
He clothes the dainty flowers, feeds birds of the air so we are not to be worried but we do.
`We’re just humans’ we justify, throwing caution to the wind.
We indulge to forget our pain not caring how many heads we step on. We strive to forget rather than remember.

He came that we may be free, Abba father is his name. Remember the cross? remember! our sins remembered no more, ultimate freedom attained.