Chance meetings

paintingsTheir eyes held from across the road

a convention of sorts

the connection between them pulls them together

but their wills hold back,

questions override logic,

Is it too soon? Is it time? Who’s the one?

answers evade them

yet their bodies hold strong to the attraction

the space between them feels like an endless chasm

but they wonder who will take the first step

two strangers with tied souls

they linger until the forces pulling them together spurn into motion

their steps eat up the distance and they find themselves face to face

goofy smiles light up their faces

as they stand face to face

their eyes twinkle as they behold each other

finally they hold hands and walk away


sewn lips

Tears flow down my face

crystals drop on my lace

questions unasked

answers unspoken

pain eats me up slowly

but I have to be strong not to be lowly

so I wipe off the tears

paste a smile on a sad face

and thus life is faced

a calm shrouded in mystery is the facade

misery loves company so I heard

but my misery knows no bounds

being self assured is what I strive for

but the only number i got in class, four

with imaginary chains and shackles I’m bound

freedom unfound

self imposed rules make me

maybe, just maybe rules were made to be broken

un-break me for this is my unspoken



His soul haunted by visions of imminent heaven

as the generations around him grew old and gray and died

He tried to understand the divergent

Interpretations of those ideologies

but he ended up in skewering follies of his own beliefs

The soul believed that for something to be done with a difference

So it stabbed and seared a glare at the very core of temporal madness

A fashionable outcry against lucid judgements

a sentimentality of sorts

The soul leads him and subjects him to pious belittling lectures

shackling him to dogmas he loves

leaving him to wonder whether it is in line

with what he believes

He is held prisoner to the paranoia that maligns spirits

a body tormented

a soul haunted

Need to Breathe


She struggles for breath

wondering if she’s suffocating

only to realize she’s OK

but why does it feel like drowning

her life is a myriad of questions

thought suspended in formlessness

how does she face tomorrow?

choices made

irrational ideas form one after the other

she tries to clutch at straws

but her hands won’t agree

she flounders

What Is Truth?

What is truth when you can’t trust?

truth hurts, truth hurts most times

and it gets hard but keeps us alive

truth holds you close while lies break you

yet truth heals when your heart bleeds

what is truth when you can’t trust?

you and I have issues with trust

truth is, I lie to keep you near

it hurts and eats you up like acid

for us, truth bleeds while our hearts heal

what is truth when you can’t trust?

trust makes life beautiful and heartfelt

truth makes us who we are so does lies

can there be trust without truth?

can lies be a form of truth?

what is truth when you can’t trust?

truth creates unbroken ties

but there are also lies that bind

Is truth better or are there better lies?

Is truth redemptive or a mere necessity?

Is there a difference between trust and truth?

what makes up truth?

what is truth when you can’t trust?



They leer

the lechers

sweat gleams on their foreheads as they stare

saliva drools down their cheeks

pupils dilated from the ogling

faces flushed from uncanny thoughts

They leer

the lechers

fingers tap the arms of the chair

to an unknown melody

a silent treaty to the gods

do I tap it, do I not

They leer

the lechers

crazed from their wishful thoughts

maxed out from contention of wills

an inner warfare waged

the haves and the have nots

They leer

the lechers

dreams unfulfilled and some broken

hopes shattered and unrealised

futures set in stone, engraved

myths of lustful nature and poured milk

They leer

the lechers

sucking dry the young veins

destroying visions of greatness

eyes seeing yet unseeing

parasitic dreams that shackle souls.