This Thing

She looked everywhere for this thing
Till he came along and swept her off her feet
She gave in, body and soul she did
Him, her wildest dream realised
Her search finally over

This thing, Love

He took her to the ends of the world
Guilty pleasures they indulged
It was meant to be or was it?
Then came the twist
A twist so rough it tornadoed her from in deep
He took as he got and left, not her’s to keep

This thing, Love

She’s now shattered and wounded
People pointing fingers, her life ungrounded
Shame faced and scarred she forges on
Her life too precious to spend on by-gones
The scars a constant reminder of a search gone sour
Now she awaits the life unborn, a blooming flower

This thing, Love

Wait! whats that stirring from within?
Her fears awaken and with them hope
A feeling so strong for her to mope
A new life for her to cherish
Her past left to perish
This love she finally found

This thing, Love


On A Dark Starry Night

Tonight the night is silent,
Just the moon and i
I look up a star lit sky
And listen to the crickets sing in the dead of the night.
Peace reigns on the waters,
The sound of waves crashing to the shore.
So peaceful it is,
I hear my thoughts craning to be heard.
The night is cold but my bones freeze not,
I feel the dew form on the grass upon which i lie.
On this dark starry night i find me.
The wind blows away my anxieties,
I keep calm for the night is kind.
I listen to an owl hoot while i find my voice,
Deep in thought, i don’t feel so sad
`Stead, i come alive
Never alone
On this dark starry night, i smile.
My face lights up as the fireflies dance upon the night.
Twilight finds me and draws me to the horizon,
What a sight!
The warm soft glow of dawn leaves me all warm,
The leaves fall from the trees as dawn breaks
In, ushering a new day with new promises,
I taste the sun and believe.

New begginings

So i finally decided on starting a blog, question begs… why now? frankly, I don’t know. weird I know (that’s how vain I am) but since the decision was made I’ll go with it.


What am i supposed to say, heck if i know what to start with but life is awesome so i’ll give it my best shot… let me think about it and i’ll write about it next time…

such a scatter brain I am but i am not complaining i like me alright so i’ll go gather my thoughts and write something creative as a story for another day. I have just given myself timeout before i fry my brains, but a promise for something awesome still stands.