tapestry of souls

A shimmering front,

a blur by day yet fiery by night,

a  myriad of converging spirits,

lovers of darkness and lore,

feeders of hope and light,

souls weaved together in darkness,

robbers of life and gentility,

whispers in the dark…

awakening the vitriol of society,

claiming lives with a vengeance,

a collection of all things evil.

awaken, you sleeping souls,

fight for your just places,

triumph in the darkest hours,

let your victory shine through,

undo the tapestry that shrouds your desires,

free the souls,

let freedom reign.


The phoenix


like a phoenix I rise from the ashes

ashes that left me despondent

feelings became a forgotten entity

in the ash my soul lay

bare, beaten and broken

like a phoenix I rise

a future once looked bleak

mine now bright as a morning star

hope in things unseen

a heart once broken rises

like a phoenix i rise

no longer despondent

with vigor for what’s ahead

grace and love my impetus

I rise, shake off the dust and move on

like a phoenix I rise

victorious standing over my nemesis

sword drawn and anger suppressed

yes, I’m a conqueror

behold I rise!

like a phoenix I rise

rekindling newness of being

believing in the unseen

letting none bring me down

I rise.

Of Life and Muses

I remember that period of time
the period where everything was bliss
Me and you and dreams
I remember your smile
when we’d walk together for a mile
You had my back, I had yours
I remember when it rained it poured
You intoxicated me
around you I became tipsy
I remember our first times
when gentleness wasn’t worth dimes
where words were extinct just mimes
I remember, yeah, I remember
of the times I giggled
when my soul crept beneath your skin
when our talks were not mere words
I remember your walk
everything that made us tick
I remember and now I know
the price paid for naivety
Life lessons learned and saved
memories that now maketh my muse


I take to pen and paper
these thoughts need to be penned
Itsy bits that fight to be opened
Him, he who left
and left my soul bereft
my mind was an angry storm
away from the norm
I sang the song of what I thought was love
Now I remain meek as a dove
the times we had, I miss
but i’ve learned to cope
’cause infront of me lies hope
I don’t know you now maybe life smiled on you
just hope you are happy

To eternity and back

my heart beats

every single beat a rythm

a melody synchronised by two

a potent feeling between us

taking us to the edge of the world

scaling heights to feelings unveiled

stories untold yet expressed in our eyes

holding hands trying to decrease the distance

two hearts connecting

a mutuality that cannot be described

ours a story of unpredictable coincidences

a love so strong it overpowers us

forces so strong they bind

against and in tandem to our wills

sacrificing our hearts for a little taste of heaven

giving because thats what we strive for

sharing and feeling

sifting fingers through hair and sands of time

touching and talking

forever is no longer distant but a truth embraced

let us find our bearings within

let us feel with our words

see with our hands and touch with our hearts

vowing to each other for eternity


Ah! distractions

little mirrors that let you have a peek at yourself

I wonder what life’s like

I am living mine or atleast trying to

my mind wanders

thinking of nitties and gritties

futile efforts they are

all is vanity, I concur

my own little world awaits

the perfect comfort zone

a world where everything’s perfect

the population, me

I set the rules and break them

no bothers nor worries

my little world satisfies me

a perfect match for a perfect world