tapestry of souls

A shimmering front,

a blur by day yet fiery by night,

a  myriad of converging spirits,

lovers of darkness and lore,

feeders of hope and light,

souls weaved together in darkness,

robbers of life and gentility,

whispers in the dark…

awakening the vitriol of society,

claiming lives with a vengeance,

a collection of all things evil.

awaken, you sleeping souls,

fight for your just places,

triumph in the darkest hours,

let your victory shine through,

undo the tapestry that shrouds your desires,

free the souls,

let freedom reign.


Memories of a torrid hot summer

images summme

I saw her
a vision in red
not that I recall what she wore
all I know is red because my heart bled
she was an interpretation of my dreams
an embodiment of my deepest desires
so I winked and she blinked
Her face I cannot describe
so beautiful it burned
She was a sensation
a sinful temptation
a divine example of God’s creation
I soared to new heights of anticipation
forgot my pride and reservations
my vision in red became my situation
so I let go for the occasion
I gave up on mirages and indulged
In her eyes I was consumed
eyes that told tales of feelings stale
yet in my folly I believed
opposites do attract right?
she was the yin to my yang
the window to my soul
or so I believed
but then she disappeared
in search of her I went
finally giving up worn and spent
my vision in red now a memory
and a summer that was never meant to be
A torrid illusion

The phoenix


like a phoenix I rise from the ashes

ashes that left me despondent

feelings became a forgotten entity

in the ash my soul lay

bare, beaten and broken

like a phoenix I rise

a future once looked bleak

mine now bright as a morning star

hope in things unseen

a heart once broken rises

like a phoenix i rise

no longer despondent

with vigor for what’s ahead

grace and love my impetus

I rise, shake off the dust and move on

like a phoenix I rise

victorious standing over my nemesis

sword drawn and anger suppressed

yes, I’m a conqueror

behold I rise!

like a phoenix I rise

rekindling newness of being

believing in the unseen

letting none bring me down

I rise.

Hell hath no fury

she wakes up while still night

bright stars in the sky her thoughts on her family

while he, he wakes up at noon expecting to find food on the table

she gets home late at night

a virtuous woman she is only to find expectant little faces waiting

while he, he spends the whole day on the sofa waiting for her return

she takes it all in stride

she tends to her household gives her all and sacrifices her youth while at it

while he, he remains indifferent he subjects her to his every whim

and she thought it would be a happy ever after

but she does not mind

cherished dreams now bleak

he got off the chair long enough to cheat the lying creep

she wakes up to a sad reality

till death do us part no longer exists

the sky no longer the limit

now she finally withdraws her neck from the sand

her young ones held dear she walks away

Searching for…

I’ve looked everywhere for you
Where might you be?
Perhaps you’re a figment of my imagination
A random though maybe…
A thought that I’ve built on through out my life
but as a phantom, in my thoughts you reside
Seems ghoulish but tangible too
I think about you often
I see you vividly in my mind
You seem so near but yet so far
To the skies, caves, oceans I will venture just to find you
I search for you because I believe in my thoughts
And thats where you are
A fixture that doesn’t seem to fade
A bit blurry at the edges but can do
Searching for you is all i think about
My help mate and friend
A confidant, a lover, these cannot be imaginations
You must be real for me to picture you
And as sure as the sun shines finding you is inevitable