The Labyrinth

He swept in and ensnared her heart
A cliché of sorts

The feel of his arms was like a well played violin making her soul weep
He was subtle in his wooing and her fragile heart found solace

Her heart understood that language of souls and that’s all it took
She fell
Fell so deep, she didn’t know the beginning or the end

Theirs was eternal or so she convinced herself

She noticed the changes gradually once she got that metal around he finger

Convincing herself that change is inevitable she stayed put
Her thoughts changed when he forcefully had his way with her
Or when he first hit her

The sweet memories still clouded her judgement
She was chained by her feelings yet her soul screamed for freedom
He became the cruel man eater she used to dream about I’m her going days
He haunted her every waking moments
A maze she could not escape

G. Wairimu


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