Memories of a torrid hot summer

images summme

I saw her
a vision in red
not that I recall what she wore
all I know is red because my heart bled
she was an interpretation of my dreams
an embodiment of my deepest desires
so I winked and she blinked
Her face I cannot describe
so beautiful it burned
She was a sensation
a sinful temptation
a divine example of God’s creation
I soared to new heights of anticipation
forgot my pride and reservations
my vision in red became my situation
so I let go for the occasion
I gave up on mirages and indulged
In her eyes I was consumed
eyes that told tales of feelings stale
yet in my folly I believed
opposites do attract right?
she was the yin to my yang
the window to my soul
or so I believed
but then she disappeared
in search of her I went
finally giving up worn and spent
my vision in red now a memory
and a summer that was never meant to be
A torrid illusion


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