To eternity and back

my heart beats

every single beat a rythm

a melody synchronised by two

a potent feeling between us

taking us to the edge of the world

scaling heights to feelings unveiled

stories untold yet expressed in our eyes

holding hands trying to decrease the distance

two hearts connecting

a mutuality that cannot be described

ours a story of unpredictable coincidences

a love so strong it overpowers us

forces so strong they bind

against and in tandem to our wills

sacrificing our hearts for a little taste of heaven

giving because thats what we strive for

sharing and feeling

sifting fingers through hair and sands of time

touching and talking

forever is no longer distant but a truth embraced

let us find our bearings within

let us feel with our words

see with our hands and touch with our hearts

vowing to each other for eternity


Author: Githinjiw

A silent heart throb who shies away from too much attention, likes to read (nothing beats it) and is on a quest of self discovery.

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