Hell hath no fury

she wakes up while still night

bright stars in the sky her thoughts on her family

while he, he wakes up at noon expecting to find food on the table

she gets home late at night

a virtuous woman she is only to find expectant little faces waiting

while he, he spends the whole day on the sofa waiting for her return

she takes it all in stride

she tends to her household gives her all and sacrifices her youth while at it

while he, he remains indifferent he subjects her to his every whim

and she thought it would be a happy ever after

but she does not mind

cherished dreams now bleak

he got off the chair long enough to cheat the lying creep

she wakes up to a sad reality

till death do us part no longer exists

the sky no longer the limit

now she finally withdraws her neck from the sand

her young ones held dear she walks away


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