Painful cries are heard from the burning,
the flames lick up the building,
a concerto as the cries rise to a crescendo,
a masterpiece as you watch the blazing fire.
Save our souls!

Sirens are heard from afar,
ambulances, the fire brigade arrive in style,
water wages war with the fire,
a cocktail of hissing and crackling.
Save our souls!

A sea of gawking faces,
fear, shock, expectations, wishful thinking,
nothing registers,
the battle continues.
Save our souls!

A deafening silence,
cries can no longer be heard,
a murmur of voices from the crowd,
zero chance of hope.
Save our souls!

A few heads shake,
forever has been severed by the strike of a match,
the crowd disperses heads down,
a bleak sunset,
Lives lost.


2 thoughts on “S.O.S

  1. walalala…
    takes a seat at the front row his leg on to the other,deep screening the words shared with complete incomplete meaning
    gazes in amazement gasps and declares to be a fan of this artistry
    for sure all art is theft
    great stuff makofi ya kilo


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