Of melancholies

This lowly state that I always find myself in, always wondering if its normal or just a phase that’ll pass… the answers to these, I’ve never found. They (whoever they encompasses) have termed it as mood swings but just how many low swings are you bound to get before you swing up high? questions and more questions plague me.

A feeling is all there is to it but its so strong it overpowers the senses, drags you to the lower depths. I found that if you let it, it reigns but can be stumped with the little things in life: a random smile from a stranger, that mushy text from a loved one, happy memories, awesome friends and above all, God. Little things do matter for without them we’d lack the bigger picture.

Melancholy is just a feeling, choose to feel different. Being sorry for yourself isn’t an option, there are too many things to be grateful for.


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