Searching for…

I’ve looked everywhere for you
Where might you be?
Perhaps you’re a figment of my imagination
A random though maybe…
A thought that I’ve built on through out my life
but as a phantom, in my thoughts you reside
Seems ghoulish but tangible too
I think about you often
I see you vividly in my mind
You seem so near but yet so far
To the skies, caves, oceans I will venture just to find you
I search for you because I believe in my thoughts
And thats where you are
A fixture that doesn’t seem to fade
A bit blurry at the edges but can do
Searching for you is all i think about
My help mate and friend
A confidant, a lover, these cannot be imaginations
You must be real for me to picture you
And as sure as the sun shines finding you is inevitable


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