Pouting at Touting

Disclaimer; I dont mean to sound bitter because i am.

I’ve heard that being bitter invites negative forces that should be done away with through an intense session of hot yoga
*Panics, runs away and hides*
Im so not bendy and that yoga stuff isn’t my thing.
Ok. now im digressing… my problem is with these extortionists cum touts.
Today at the bus stop im served to the usual chants… `tao fifty, tao fifty’ I see one that’s almost full and board. Once seated i get out my sh.50 note and clutch it like a lifeline. We start our journey and at the next stop the tout goes like `tao sixty, tao sixty’… I look at my 50bob and im rendered speechless, what to do? -sema kuchoka!- `does this guy know that he’s just cost me 200 safaricom sms’s?’
My fellow passengers act all cordial, am i the only one incensed? so i take their cue and pay the fare and im thinking if only one of us, just one, would speak up then maybe we could change the trend.

Be a voice and speak up against injustices.


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