Good people

Today i met these good people who are just a bunch of crazies, not what you’re thinking… they’re an epic lot with a dash of creativity and a splash of awesomeness… so we had mad fun throughout the afternoon, yes! you guessed right.. they’re my friends. Good people are made of these 🙂 enough gloating, i just wish you’d meet them but not to worry i’ll introduce them sometime.
Back to the afternoon, my best was a 5min session armed with pen and paper to jot down anything- a shot in the wind, i know- remember i said creative well, here’s what yours truly came up with…

musings, musings
thoughts going through my mind
of people cause i don’t mind
expressing my thoughts,i falter
people,i don’t trust
in my shadow i hide
in my thoughts i abide
muses oh,what a distraction

abstractsthoughts of which my mind is made
blank paper with ink i fill
life expressions,adieu i bade
solace i find within text
few friends i have to text
muses oh what solace


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