tapestry of souls

A shimmering front,

a blur by day yet fiery by night,

a  myriad of converging spirits,

lovers of darkness and lore,

feeders of hope and light,

souls weaved together in darkness,

robbers of life and gentility,

whispers in the dark…

awakening the vitriol of society,

claiming lives with a vengeance,

a collection of all things evil.

awaken, you sleeping souls,

fight for your just places,

triumph in the darkest hours,

let your victory shine through,

undo the tapestry that shrouds your desires,

free the souls,

let freedom reign.


Pendo- My baby by extension


You took your time to join us dear but we were so patient, we waited
Finally you showed up and with it light
Your adorable face could thaw the cold of hearts
You gave love a new meaning, a lustre
We named you the close one because you are always that; close to our hearts
You dear child are a labour of love
The toothless grins make my heart lighter
We panic at the thought of you being sick and we ceaselessly pray for good health
Feeding times turn to fun times
Your growth is mystical and surreal, I can’t believe how fast you are growing
Hope rises within me as I think of all the first’s you’ll have
Looking forward to a future filled with your bubbly presence
Pendo, aunty loves and treasures you
You are the realest gem
Blessings as you grow up and embrace life

G. Wairimu

The Labyrinth

He swept in and ensnared her heart
A cliché of sorts

The feel of his arms was like a well played violin making her soul weep
He was subtle in his wooing and her fragile heart found solace

Her heart understood that language of souls and that’s all it took
She fell
Fell so deep, she didn’t know the beginning or the end

Theirs was eternal or so she convinced herself

She noticed the changes gradually once she got that metal around he finger

Convincing herself that change is inevitable she stayed put
Her thoughts changed when he forcefully had his way with her
Or when he first hit her

The sweet memories still clouded her judgement
She was chained by her feelings yet her soul screamed for freedom
He became the cruel man eater she used to dream about I’m her going days
He haunted her every waking moments
A maze she could not escape

G. Wairimu

Cradle Robbers

Dear cradle robbers,
Are you really dears or is chivalry just dead?
What clogs the turning wheels in your minds when you woo children?
To the children,
What is so alluring about the old persons?
I ask, ‘Is it lack of parental love or is it corrupt morals?’
Dear cradle robbers,
Do you think of your children back at home when you bed the young ones?
Do you strive to set an example for your future generations?
Know that change begins with us and reform
May the generations to come be void of the stench that’s left behind by the idiocies of our eroded morals.


She said she had feelings for me
so I gave her a chance,my heart shelf took on a roller coaster ride,
it spewed forth my feelings,
now my heart is devoid of feelings and has become loathesome, my chest feels empty now that my heart has been ripped from its ribcage,
with nothing to fill the void
the voice of my heart is left mute,
a disability that reawakens old fears long buried.
My chest bleeds lost love and broken promises
The bloody chasm heaves trying to fill up but hope is dead so are the efforts